Monday, 18 May 2015

In a midst

so it's been a while. hows life? my life going very well since the last time. well normal things if there's ups and downs aite you? studies going quite shaking cus final is getting near the corner but I'm still going out having fun like nothing. fml then actually hahaha. family quite the same, never though that I'm gonna niece/nephew neither one and be the first aunt in the family. hoho friends, so by far among my best friends, we all seperated by miles now. it's now depends on social network; whatsapps or wechat to stay connected. and i actually missing them. after knowing few peoples, nothing can compare with em. i don't know why but whenever with others, I still can't cop very well even I seem to be okay. I am not actually. They seems to be too much thinking about their own need than others that surrounds them. hmm Relationship, well been through so much on that things and don't know what am I doing is right or wrong. just follow the follow that all I can do. What would you if other person taking place your once a beloved one when the right timing come? Thats it, you choose the second person right? cus he's being there on the right time while you having some clash with the one that you loved. but what can you do? dilemma. yes. and it took pain, time, regrets and etc to deal with those kind of thing. then again i can say fml btw haaha. for now thats it.

Thursday, 10 July 2014


So hi again guys. It's such a long time didn't wrote smtg here. Yeah due to busy for time being. So how's life? Mine, I had a long time holiday for 4 months after matriculation lrogram. Basically nothing to do yea NOTHING! I'm unemployed just stayed at home. Been through up and down by staying at home only. Ya, mom didn't allow to going out. I'm been accused for everything that I am don't know what I had done wrong. It's hurt sometimes and sad at the same time. But afterall this what we called life man. You need to be strong enough to stand on your own. Friendship nahh what can I say we're all not longwr a very so called bff like pple always judge us.  We're now a stranger that just go own life. Thats it. :) the girls going well wasapping. Okay for relationship, still being the old me. Single. Haha idk why but yes I'm still not ready for anything about that. Plus my parents is being too controlable of my life now. To avoid from make me stress ya it's better to focus on study and life first. Aaron is now further his study and his beloved one too I guess. I just don't know about them for a while since I was too lazy now be a stalker. Hahaha everyone going well. Mamay got her spa and bgail still in uitm so do the others. Just the time being we're all seem busy with own life. :)  I guess that all for this time. Till we see again. Adios.

Thursday, 27 February 2014

New Chapter :)

Hey yaww! its already new year 2014. me, as usual still stick into single mingle life. everything going well although sometimes there's ups and down in life but I managed to get over it. Family, quite good and I started missing them :( Studies, now currently entered second semester and so called last semester here in KML. kinda feel that joy cus its about to end but I'm gonna miss those moment I spent here with my friends. less than 2 months timing to cherish the joy with them. Oh how I hate this part in life. -.- Friends, do have some problems now with ze girls but somehow whenever we try to fix it, its sometimes not easier like I thought. then there's come awkward moment among ourself. don't you feel that so awful to have that kind of situation among your best girlfriends? haihh still  not settle down. hmm. Lord bless our friendship. :) so this month yeah, I've entered my first year of being single life man! ain't that awesome knowing you can live independently without a man beside you? believe me single lady, life is gonna be fun if you enjoy every single moment. yea, though sometimes felt lonely, but somehow I got my family and beloved bestfriends that chill me up. then problem solved! so don't be afraid cus God maybe save someone better for you. as a prove, last weekend I went to Kota Kinabalu Sabah with my girls. yeah of course its a girls trip. spent 4 day 3 night travel that city. went to Manukan Island. I never thought I got a chance to go there and most important experience the speedboat went to Island. Cool experience ever. :D I guess thats it all I wanna share. Lastly, happy one year single-sary to mehhh! :DDD cau! 
on our way to Manukan Island. 
 ze gang! 

Girlfriends, Eliza
Ze girls :)

So my soul, grafitti art.

Thursday, 14 November 2013


heyyy there! waddup! suppp dong hahaha i'm way too excited and its been 3 months I guess so didn't post any of my story. okay my life going smooth, simple, happy and more fun than before. Studies, quite okay although I'm little bit shaking being there I mean in Physics course. Had an examination for Semester 1 and I don't know what's the result gonna be. *finger cross*. Family, yea I'm here in Kuching for 3 weeks holiday and I MISSING MY FAMILY HOME SWEET HOME! it's good to be home although it's quite bored here. but never mind as long as I don't stayed at that KML. errr. Friendship, I got new bestfriends. they just like my sister though. And I'm so glad that I had them there in KML. Relationship, yea since then I'm still single for this 10 months. Almost one year time leyy going through this life without someone special. Nah, I'm too lazy for the serious commitment. Maybe because of the past, I just don't know and enjoy myself with the time being. For aaron isaac, yeaa he's happy now with his beloved one. I'm happy for him. May his relationship will going well and finally he found someone better than me. Although we've been not connected for 9 months think so, either thru text chat or others we never contact each other since he had his beloved one. I just don't want to ruin others relay and I've been there done that. Abigail taught me that thingy. :D yaa, I miss him though but does he miss me? of course not right. hoping for thing that never come back. Just a memories that still left behind walk beside me. Moving on is easy to say but it's hard to do when you loved that someone with all your heart all your soul. Never mind. God might have others plan that better than before. Believe and just trust in Him. I think that's it. see yaa on next post. BERRR! stand for byeee :DD
meet Dephennie, lil sister of mine in KML. 

Tuesday, 10 September 2013

Missing in Action woot!

Tadaaa!! k mls la nak speakong speaking kali tok. malas pke hahaha. uinaaa naahh klua dah slank sesat sabah sitok. fyi, dah kat matrik labuan suda ku eh.budak computer physics lerr. sik berasa mok bis dah semester 1 and here's we go semester 2. haishhh. PSPM (semester exam) dh sik lamak gk tngal sebulan gk eh. tp gik juak ku tok bongok2 kdk sikda exam eh. pfftt. ok life rah KML, okay la juak. makanan okay wlaupn kdg2 lejuk, friends rami juak org sarawak sitok. knk ny sik nak. hohoho study ya aaa malas ku nak pdh hahahaha rushing derr~! gilerrr. okay here's the thing, sik selesa eh perlu kah perlu ada 'nya' sama sitok. pke nak lupak kan tek nak skali yarabiiiiii! ndak ku tauk gne nak mdh ehh. asal bjlan nnga ny asal makan nnga ny nang sia sitok muka nya. haishh. malas na nyawa ku tok eh. stres tauk sik. *la sangat la nak hehehe AND yala ku ssh nak move on gara2 ya. see sampe nktok ku gk mngharap si 'gay' ya eh. d remove dah semua dah. gk juak stalk pa smua. bodoh nyaaaa maka ny dh da gerek pa kah ku tok gk mgharapkan ny balit ngn ku, smpe bila la pat pat. gk juak ku tok sikpat muka pintu hati k org laen.ceiwahhh jiang karat kawan. maluuuu~! hahaha ya sigek masalah sitok,sigek gk sal peraturan rah kolej tok eh. ya sik boleh tok sik boleh. pa kah nk boleh sitok. nktok mok outing pn sik boleh k slua slack nak ketat bis ya mn slack ya nang ekot shape kaki gne la paloii lalu jak. sik kita nak berskirt sapu lante tek nak. sik pke. yahhh nganok dah. hahahahah haishh lantak la sidak mok gne malas nak pke. cukup laa stres sal segala bnda sekeliling eh. family, aaa rindu Mummy Alun Nic Abak Galang, :(( haishh mok balit. huhu, sikpa nng jak bulan 11 lak yeayy cuti almost sebulan weeeee!! that's the way i like it yeahhh hahaha okay la smpe sitok jak la. till we meet again :D beerrrbyeee!!

Monday, 20 May 2013


ITS A NEW YEAR 2013! and its been a couple months I didn't update this blog. Huaaa! that's quite a while man! new year story, first of all my SPM examination result \m/. I got 1A+ for my Pendidikan Moral, 2A for my BM and Math, 2A- for my English and Sejarah, 1B for Chemistry and 2C+ for both Biology and Physics. :). I am so thankful with my result and thank God for everything He gave to me. For my family thanks for supported me much in every single way hard times. thanks for all the TEACHERS since I was in the kindergarden to primary school and this secondary school for your teaching method that success me in my studies. thanks to my friends for everything too. i can't mention much here cuz ITS A LOT MAN! :D most important thing is THANK YOU GUYS!! okay, lets jump to next story, my Christmas last year quite okay yeah i thought. hehe. and I had my 3 months stay at home while waiting for SPM result. all i did was eating, sleeping then eat again then sleep again. go out here and there while I already have my driving license. like a useless person ever. my family as usual going smooth going well. :D *nonsense* okay next is ma relationship with Aaron Isaac. we still being a 'lover' IN MY DREAM AND HERE! HAHAHA! kidding. :D we're now just being comfortable by being just a friend. yeah since when? since this new year. :) why? amm lets just keep it secret yea.yeah i know this is secret garden but i can't share it here. :) but nothing like harsh happened between us thats it. we're still connect thru phone online Facebook even me always went to his house since that our house just something like couple meter away. *yeah we're neighbourhood though* i went there just because hang out with his sister. his sister was *thumbs up* superb awesome. like hey when i'm with her, i don't even thought that she's older than me. like a same age with me. :D okay enough it cuz i dont really care anymore. 18 is a golden age man.enjoy! but i can say that i still love him like before nut nevermind.waiting and hoping. :) i cant simply forget him as easy as ABC. :D but i had my FRIENDS that always be there for me until now. thanks yaw! now i can handle it all. hehe. then now i gonna further my studies to Matriculation Labuan College since i didn't get any offer from upu. yeah quite a lot i mean A LOT financial as i'm the one who last minute did the registration thing. haish. i gonna leave this coming Wednesday by flying high in the sky. :D sad to left Kuching. :( i didn't get a chance to celebrate Gawai this year. :( huuaa! okay guys. thats all update from this new year. hope you guys stay to leave a footprint here. bye! adios!

Friday, 7 December 2012

Day Out!

Hallu blogger! ;) how are you guys today? doing well? hope so ya! yaa! day out! cheers to the day out! yesterday n the day before i went out go watch movies n steamboat time with my FAMILY! It was fun and enjoyable since we're doing nothing at home. We watched Twilight Breaking Dawn Part 2. *awesome*. Seriously, it's a romantic though. Want to see those photo? check out this blog, Part Of Anna. She got all that photo there. Okay now, lets go to yesterday thing. I went out with him! again! go to beachhh!! yeaahhh!! finally! n with my bestie, Tee Leoni n her boyfie. *double date* :D We went to the sematan beach! Its quiet hot there but we got our blue umbrella! hoho! i have an awesome day with him; took some photo, piggyback ride n eating! then we went to this shopping mall to buy something. Then we all get tired and went back. Both of us reached home about 8 at night. It's was tiring but spent time with is the most awesome thing I do! Thats all I think! continue check out my blog to know story of me okay? Here some photo of us! Enjoy! ;) Do leave your 'footprint' in my blog yaa! 

silly face of him -_-

Best Friends ;)